Herpes simplex virus, symptoms, pictures

Herpes simplex virus (herpies)

A change of seasons, air conditions and variations of temperature have a great influence on the organism, i.e.  reduces its immunity, capability of  resistance to diseases and infections caused by viruses.  One of the most active viruses at that time is herpes virus, also called Herpes Simplex virus or just HSV, causing herpes of lips (herpes on lips), girdle herpes, mucous membrane herpes or genitalia herpes and often misspelled as Herpies or Herpies simplex virus. The most prevalent disease is HSV-1 virus form - herpes labialis, causing labial herpes - herpes on lips.

The second most prevalent infection is HSV-2 virus form - herpes genitalis, causing genital herpes, anal herpes. If not treated, labial herpes on lips spreads and in some cases may turn into a more complicated disease causing inflammation of brains and meninges - meningoencephalitis. Herpes simplex virus belongs to the family of viruses, having DNA, Herpes viridae.

Acording to Internet sources, the number of the carriers of virus of various forms causing herpes disease varies in different countries. In some countries or their regions it may even exceed 80% of the number of population, whereas in others it is only 10 - 15%. Some of us do not even realize being the herpes simplex virus carriers and only when the immunity lowers due to malnutrition, hard work, stress suffered, affliction, cold, vitamin deficiency, excess alcohol consumption or just when the wind or the sun weathers the face and dries lips, the indications of herpes simplex virus appear.

Herpes simplex virus is also transmitted by coming into contact with an infected person via oral-genital route, using things, food tools, dishes of the infected person. In case of infection, herpes simplex virus settles in the ganglia, lymphocytes, salivary glands and remains in the organism for the whole life. Under favorable conditions herpes simplex virus becomes more active again and causes herpes disease, which tends to appear in the same places of the body.
Incubation period of herpes simplex virus may last for 2 to 21 days.

Herpes symptoms

Herpes symptoms appear suddenly. Discomfort is felt, itching occurs, papulae and swells are felt when touching the place or several places affected by herpes simplex virus. Within several hours water blisters that can merge into the solid formation appear, burning and traction are felt in those places. There may be enlarged lymph nodes in the area of outbreak, headache, fever, muscle aches and weakness. In more serious cases, the disease covers larger areas, surrounding the affected places.
After some time blisters burst, releasing a liquid and forming sores which eventually crust over.
Herpes symptoms may last for 1-3 weeks, until all areas affected by herpes simplex virus heal. In mild cases herpes symptoms last for 3 - 5 days.

Herpes symptoms photos, pictures

Some herpes symptoms photos, pictures.

Labial herpes symptoms photos, pictures. Herpes of lips, herpes on lips.

herpes pictures

Forearm herpes symptoms photos, pictures. Mild case of  forearm herpes symptoms.

herpes picture

Girdle herpes symptoms photos, pictures. Herpes rash on the girdle.

pictures of herpes

Herpes treatment

Immediately after the occurrence of the first herpes symptoms caused by herpes simplex virus it is recommended to apply ointments, containing acyclovir and having drying effect, Carbosan gel onto the places, affected by herpes virus. Oral tablets (Acic, Aciclovir) may be taken to reduce viral activity from inside. Injections into vena are also possible.
Home made medicine:

  • When the first herpes symptoms of labial herpes appear, the toothpaste containing zinc or spirit is applied onto the affected place.
  • Immature blisters are being cooled with ice cubes.
  • Compresses of garlic extract are applied.
  • Sores are moistened with aloe (Aloe vera) juice.

Water procedures do not have great negative influence on the herpes simplex virus, however when healing of sores starts, the crusts soaked in water may be removed if touched or wiped with a towel resulting into the bleeding of short duration that often occurs in case of labial herpes. To suppress this discomfort and dry the affected area, it's better to use a blow dryer with low heat. Usually the affected places heal totally but more serious disease forms may leave scars.

Herpes prevention

Herpes virus may be transmitted in different ways by coming into contact with a person infected with herpes simplex virus or just HSV, therefore a direct contact with such person should be avoided: do not touch, kiss, have sexual intercourses and share things, dishes, table tools.
Paying attention to the hygiene requirements, good nutrition, organism immunity strengthening, healthy lifestyle, no alcohol, sexual intercourses by using condoms, use of skin care and protection products may reduce the possibility of contracting herpes simplex virus.


lieza says:
I have blisters on my back and on my breast area. How will i treat this is serious?
Lopias Duku says:
i have not tested for herpes yet but i do see some signs of herpes around my genital part. like some lesons in pubic area which take less than a week to heal, at the sides of my penis i pimple like thing comes up and takes around eight days to heal. i dont know what you can tell me about the situation.
978girrrl says:
Ive never had anything like this before, idk if it is herpes or not or just an iritation from a new chapstick i used that i never used before. they are not red or in flamed its on the inside of my lips they are just little white dots.. theyre tiny  not that noticable but i noticed them... can anybody tell me if it is herpes? i have no clue if it is or not.
Amita says:
I suddenly got herpes in my  back and under my breast. Is there any home remedy? Please advice.
Joan says:
I have this trouble from a young age. On the lips, eyes, nose, chin, chest and shoulders. Feeling catastrophic. I feel disappointed, disgruntled. But I can say that I finally discovered what really helps to heal faster. I anoint herpes thick liquid powder layer. It helps more than all those acyclovir, fucidin, etc.
herpes says:
I have herpes lasts turn into months, scab and fall again occur. Worried that something is wrong, maybe go to a family doctor?
Joana says:
I also partake of this "joy", a week ago I counted 7 on the lips, but today I noticed that there appeared more. But these are probably defeated with surgical spirit. Even sometimes helps to maintain addition of ice chunks.
Ivona says:
Me too, since childhood plagued by cold sores, just after sensing irritation apply toothpaste, it dries quickly and then scabs healed skin. I heard that propolis ointment but did not try.
Viktor says:
I also caught on herpes blisters on the lips, but nothing helps. Maybe you should try honey glides and heal. The doctor says that herpes caused by the temperature.
rye says:
With genital herpes is it always blisters bumps dat turn into sores that occurs?
Arjuna says:
I think this information was fantastic. It gave me all that i needed and will encourage others to check this website if they information. It is really good.
yolanda says:
Ive been with my partner for 7years and he just got this hsv-1. Im worries are if he got this by being unfaithful or by oral sex? Im concern.
dulan says:
Hi. Is it possible to cure herpes. I dnt have blisters, but i have some red patches in top of my penis. It is more than 3.5 months now. It comes and go but no pain or itching. That could be herpes? If so what is the medicine u recommend. Oral and cram.
Naba says:
I have harpex. I alredy use medicin. When i stop medicin herpex come back. Plez give me medicin name. I alredy use medicin valcivir 500, 1000, microvir 250.
just me says:
I noticed my cold sore aka herpes about a week ago and i am about to try and begin a relationship, bad thing is that he noticed these sores to and is just as scared as i am. When this cold sore does go away can i still spread the virus to my partner? What is the best way to make this go away? Is it a very serious condition?
ramzy says:
I am suffering form herpes virus. Do you have any treatment for this disease? Is it curable? Can i get married with this virus?
wendy villarica says:
Is the scar present at upper lip similar to the char. Of so called herpes on the lip, can we already conclude that it is herpes? How do we get it? From oral sex, or from unfaithful partner?
Brian Cantwell says:
Can u get herpies in your throught
Diana says:
I have herpes 2 is not so long ago since last summer, but it seems that all of eternity ... every month there is a regular vesicles. I visited a gynecologist, unfortunately it is not anything to help, only recipe Aciclovir discharged. As most have noticed, the herpes blisters arise before or after the stress of monthly. At that time, health is horrible, headache, muscle pain, weakness. Now just feel that itchy, swollen, do not wait, I drink Aciclovir 800 mg, and even yesterday I saw my own eyes, as vesicles provoke, did not even scabs. Sorry everyone, that it has.
Amber says:
I am also proved something of herpes on the lips 4 months ago. And all this was repeated four times during menstrual periods or a few days before. Do as always will be? So far, the scabs do not arise, then the glad. I heal tea tree oil. Sometimes the patch overnight.
Donna says:
I was told at a clinic that the skin irritation on my upper thigh is herpes.  I have been getting this on and off for several years and never knew what it was,  I would use peroxide and it would dry up  I thoght it might be from sitting on a public toilet. I dont see how it coulkd be the genetial kind but if it is, should I obstain from sex forever?
liudvik says:
I think this is a possibility that herpes affect these areas.
nadja says:
Hi, I also suffer from herpes each year. Before 10 years of what it used to be in the nose, it hurts more than on the lips. One was a scab on the tip. Previously, spotting zinc ointment, and now passed on to wake up at night, that itch is soon anointed several times and even grease Acciai does not arise in more...
liudvik says:
I heal cold sores, as well as written above Acciai, Zovirax ointment. The best soon start feeling the first signs of spreading, the scab may not appear. The third day was far too late ...
dange says:
I also suffered through adolescence, is often due to herpes, while staple that I am allergic to petroleum jelly. Now I avoid it! Catch herpes and rarely as once a year! The vaccine is not. Is this happiness of a lifetime ...
tad says:
I also suffer from this virus, which is perhaps a vaccine to eradicate the herpes virus?
Robert says:
Occurred to me this morning, herpes blisters, and I do not know even I think that doing nothing and feeling will pass. However, I want to ask whether the cigarettes in your mouth does not increase the risk of the virus?
jane says:
Well treat herpes tea tree essential oil, moistening a cotton swab and held several times a day, 3-4 days pass herpes, well, not nice feeling a little burned, but very effective and inexpensive.
Anaatasia Boniface says:
Can herpes virus or blisters affect breast areas and areas around the breast, such as side or upper back?