Nutrition while having migraine


Migraine is a disease, to which the repetitive attacks of headaches are typical. Women usually have migraine (2-4 times more often than men) and very rarely - children (mostly 5-8 year old). The reasons of migraine are not fully clear even now. Migraine, migraine headaches can be inherited (for instance, the parents have). In such case the possibility for children to have migraine - 60%-90%. Furthermore, migraine is more usual in the families if there are or were relatives that have epilepsy or other diseases of nervous systems. Migraine is usual during the sexual maturation (from 12-20 year) and very rarely - 50 years old.

The mood becomes worse, the working capacity reduces, some people have disorder of sight (for instance, while reading the letters are jumping, flowing - it lasts about 20-30 seconds) several minutes or even hours before migraine, beginning of migraine headaches. Black spots or various coloured contours can be seen in the area of sight, unpleasant feelings in the fingers can be, one body side can be weak. People usually do not want to speak, do not find proper words for conversation.

Migraine headache can have various intensities. Firstly, it is felt in the one side of head (mostly in the area of forehead or temple), and later spreads to the whole head. The pain can be pulsating - it can be counted as a pulse. In case of attack of migraine, from any movement the migraine headache becomes intensive (for instance, while lying the headache is smaller, and when the position of body changes it becomes more intensive). When migraine, migraine headache is very strong we want to be in the darkness, quietness, do not hear any sounds.

Mostly the patient that has migraine has nausea, he vomits. Then the pain becomes slightly smaller and human being wants to get sleep as quickly as possible. After sleeping the migraine pain becomes smaller. The migraine headaches of left head side usually begin at night or early in the morning, and the migraine headaches of right head side can begin at any part of day. The attacks of migraine can repeat one after another, last several hours or even days. If the attacks of migraine last very long and usually repeat, the human being can have nervous disease. In such case the patient has to be hospitalized.

When migraine, migraine headaches begin, try to put the compresses of cold or warm water on the painful head place. Warm compresses help to one patient, who has migraine, and cold compresses to others. Heat the legs in hot water, rub temples with lemon peel, Vietnam balsam or menthol pencil. Sometimes headaches become smaller when the carotid artery is pressed with fingers. If these means do not help, drink a pill of aspirin, analgin or other painkillers. If strong attacks of headache often repeat, apply to doctor because every person needs different treatment of this disease.

Nutrition while having migraine

nutrition while having migraine
While having migraine
it is necessary to regulate nutrition. Try to refuse red wine, port wine, Xeres, beer, chocolate, coffee, cheese, citrus fruit juice, carbonated drinks that have caffeine, bananas. If you are admirers of dry red wine, choose only specific, marked. Eat more often and little. You can have white wine, herb tea, tea or coffee without caffeine (or with its lower amount), curd, yogurt, apples, pears. Do not still hunger with sweets (for instance, a bar of chocolate) because sudden increase of sugar in the blood and the same decrease is harmful to organism. If you are very hungry better eat a sandwich or fruit. If the migraine headaches usually are in the morning, eat abstemiously before sleeping. During the rest days do not lie in bed long, and hurry up to have breakfast timely. There are cases that migraine, the migraine headaches become stronger during menses; therefore, do not use the above mentioned products before it.